Woodlands Business Moving Services

Woodlands Moving and Delivery understands the amount of stress and pressure there is when it comes to moving a business. Whether or not your company is trying to expand or downsize, the most important and successful way to move a business is to do it quickly. As your business moving partner, Woodlands Moving and Delivery wants to ensure that your business has everything up and running without any problems or unforeseen delays in order for your office to get back to work as efficiently as possible.

With the right experience and team, our business moving company not only helps with the moving process, but we make sure that the pre- and post-work of the process are equally successful. Being business movers for many of our clients, we have helped them save days and even weeks from losing valuable time and money by keeping them on schedule, prepared, and moved promptly to keep their companies operational.

Woodlands Moving and Delivery believes in taking care of our customers, which is why we provide more than just simply showing up on moving day. When it comes to moving businesses, the entire process is completely different than moving a home. In order to have a prompt, successful move, the Woodlands Moving and Delivery team makes sure you have the right tools, which is why we provide you with an Office Moving Guide. This guide provides you with information on how to eliminate garbage and excess items that only take up space and delay moving. It also provides you with how to pack personal items, security files, important paperwork, and other valuable office items on your own. Knowing where important company files, customer reports, and personal items are packed and stored ensures they are kept safe and delivered worried-free when getting into your new environment.

Additionally, Woodlands Moving and Delivery works with you to develop a game plan when it comes to moving office furniture and equipment, ensuring it ends up in the right place for the right people. Getting organized, pre-planning, start the packing process early, and having your staff prepared with their own checklist will make your business move successful and hassle-free.

To start preparing for your business move, Woodlands Moving and Delivery has created the following core checklist for moving day:

  • Electric, phones, internet and other utilities are scheduled to be on at the new location
  • Bathrooms work in the new location
  • You have a key to the new place for the day of the move (spare keys would be even better)
  • All desks, supply cabinets, file cabinets, and things of that sort are not only empty but properly locked up
  • Any wall items, personal or not, are taken down and packed up
  • All machineries, including computers, are unplugged with loose items packed away (such as a mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.)
  • Any fragile or breakable items need to be packed securely
  • Liquids drained from any equipment that needs to be transported
  • All desks, chairs, tables, file cabinets, couches, and other types of office furniture as well as machines are properly labeled not only for where they go in the new location but who they belong too
  • Properly label things that are NOT coming to the new location or what you do not want us to move ourselves using “Do Not Move” tags
  • Throw away what you don’t want - a big mistake is leaving behind things with company information or even personal information

Woodlands Moving and Delivery looks forward to helping you with your business move in a timely and orderly fashion. We understand how important it is to move quickly but to also make sure it is done the right way. We will take special care and time going over the proper steps and checklists everyone should follow as the moving day gets closer.

If you have any questions about services, price, availability or are ready to schedule business movers, contact Woodlands Moving and Delivery today.

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