Woodlands Home Moving Services

Woodlands Moving and Delivery understands that each of our customers is different when it comes to moving homes. With years of experience helping individuals move their homes, Woodlands Moving and Delivery has a full-time moving team to help you with your home move, regardless how big or small the job is. We are a full-service home moving company dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service when it comes to your moving needs.

As your dedicated home movers, Woodlands Moving and Delivery will work with you to understand your moving requirements, such as if you are just moving across town or moving everything across the state of Texas. We will address your needs to better understand your moving budget. Woodlands Moving and Delivery can provide a full home service move, where we pack everything for you so you are stress and hassle free, or we will provide you with advice on ways to move faster and to reduce costs.

Woodlands Moving and Delivery is able to assist you with all the necessities when it comes to moving your home. On the day of your move, we will bring with us the necessary padded moving blankets, tape, and bubble wrap. Our goal is to make your home move as simple as possible while helping you save money.

As each of our customers require different needs when it comes to their move, we determine price based on these unique differences including:

  • Number of movers needed for loading and unloading
  • Storage needs? (We have storage options!)
  • Time needed for move
  • Time driving from one place to the other

If you are looking to reduce your home moving expenses, here are a few tips to take into consideration:

  • Do as much of the packing yourself (small items, things you can transport in your own vehicle)
  • Eliminate time delays (have items and boxes which need to be handled by our movers properly labeled and ready to go as soon as we get there)
  • Keep things organized (don’t waste time by keeping things cluttered, plan ahead by parking vehicles out of the way, knowing what items you are personally taking with you, and making sure that all we have to do is walk in, carry everything out, load, and go)
  • Only send what you need to be unloaded (heavy furniture, fragile boxes and things of that sort, the more you handle at the unload, the less expensive the move is for you)

Woodlands Moving and Delivery offers full-service home moving assistance along with great experience in our field. It is that experience, along with our excellent customer service, which makes our customers happy with a successful home move.

Contact Woodlands Moving and Delivery today to find out more information about prices, services, and moving tips for your home.


They did an amazing job! Super sweet guys - I will recommend you as the best!

- Nina K.

I can't tell you what a great crew you sent. They were the most polite yet personable, efficient and professional moving crew I have ever worked with.

- John S.

Sensitive to our time and dollar restraints, they worked carefully, yet efficiently and steadily. I did not see a wasted step.

- Paige C.